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The "Standard Amp" as presented by London Power in TUT5

The pictures below show my progress as I build this amp. I will add pictures on a regular basis.

This amp is a 50 watt 2 channel guitar amplifier. It has a parallel effects loop and reverb on both channels.

In addition, there will be power scaling and a sag/sustain control feature.

This amp has many power amp controls for fixed/cathode bias and pentode/triode on every tube.

Link to London Power / Power Press

Please click on photos to view them larger. Then click on the directional arrows to change images.

Finished Front Back Swiss Cheese!! Drilled and Painted These are the faceplates I will use Smaller Speaker Cab - Open back 1-15 with Weber Speaker Transformers and Sockets installed - Some interior, some Back panel with all power amp controls in progess Boards in process Triode Pentode Switches Sub-assembly Cathode Bias Test Cathode Bias Test Made a jig to ease the manufacturing process Another jig to do the speaker connections Version December 2004 = PS card not installed yet Version March 2006 - Gazillion mods Too many wires!! Power amp with back panel Power Supply Card

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