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Built a Matchless Lightening from scratch

I used the current schematics available on the web and flipped the entire layout to be a head style amp.

Click here see the original schematic that inspired this build. Thanks Trinity Amps!!

Sit back and watch the show. Click/tap (touch screen) to move the next photo instantly.

  • Amp and Guitar
  • Preamp side
  • Power Amp

Further info about photos in the slideshow

Modified Installed Board - The layout behind is the layout I put together to build this board. It is flipped from the original. The filtering is spread out across the board instead of all on one side.

No Cab Yet - Installed and modified. I was looking for a cleaner sound. The original board shown above was changed to this.

Chassis Done - Chassis with new OT, tubes and faceplate. Not too many changes here:
  • Changed the decoupling on the screen supply. Removed the 20uf cap and changed the resistor to 10k.
  • Screen resistors are now 1k
  • That little black cap is part of the DC lifted heaters. The voltage divider resistors are hidden ubder the big 20uf cap.
  • What you can't see in this are the bias test points and resistors on the back panel. I use these to match up the power tubes.

Preamp side - This is the first build. I changed the output transformer later.

Power Amp - Notice the changes from right to left:
  • Grey cathode cap - .68uf
  • Orange coupling cap - .022 uf
  • Second gain stage - no cathode cap
  • 250pf and the standard Fender tone control. See the 8.2k (grey/red/red) that is the midrange set for the tone control.
  • 100k to ground on PI is omited.
  • .01uf on PI is moved from ground.

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